Asset Management

We take a business owner’s approach when selecting a company’s stock  –– it is not a piece of paper to trade, but is a piece of a business you now own. What does this mean for you? To quote Warren Buffett “Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.” Our framework is built on adding a buffer to a company’s value versus the price we pay to help mitigate investment risk.

With a framework that originates from the teachings of Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, and Warren Buffett, we go on to employ bottom-up research that helps us focus on individual company dynamics. We then search for companies with strong business models, management teams, and balance sheets that typically suggest a higher level of predictability in their future cash flows.

In your meetings with LBW, we will assess your risk tolerance and goals, manage your account specifically for you, and provide you peace of mind. If you have assets such as a 401(k), stock option plan, or investments with another advisor, we will assess those positions as well and help you better understand how best to allocate them. LBW has always believed that the next best thing after active investing is index investing. For those who would prefer a less active approach, LBW invests in index vehicles.

Beyond our initial meeting, LBW advisors will provide you with ongoing communication to update the current status of your accounts and the reasons why we are invested in certain securities.

As a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), our interests are closely aligned.  We are independent from any mutual funds, allowing us to be completely objective when selecting securities for investment. Our long-term investment horizon encourages us to thoroughly vet all possible ideas as we invest for your future, and our firm’s structure allows for a dedicated individual whose main responsibility is research and portfolio management.

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