Hey facebooker



Expect Different, Experience Partnership


Do these sound familiar?

I’m young, creative and driven.

I’m earning more than I know what to do with.

I don’t want to mess up what I’ve earned, but I don’t know what to do with it.

I’m so overworked.  So when it comes to finance, I need a trusted professional to take it off my plate.

I don’t understand my Facebook bonus, equity refresher, and other benefits.

I might not work for Facebook forever.  What’s next?

I heard about XYZ from my family’s/friends’ advisor – should I follow as well?

What is private equity investing?  It sounds cool.

I have the following life goals:

Buying real estate.

Early retirement.

I want to give back; charity is important to me.

Looking to have a family or already have a family of friends (furry ones included).


Why we are


Subscription model

A redefined model: a flat monthly fee.  We are just one phone call away.  You can discuss your financial concerns or goals with us at any time.  (Maybe not at midnight, we enjoy our work-life balance.)


We are you

We are your age.  We understand what you are trying to achieve.  We are certainly NOT your grandpa’s advisor!

We are part of your TEAM

We understand the power of community. We work with many Facebookers and understand the nuances to #FacebookLife. We are not mass-produced, we are designed for you.

What we


Top-of-Market Expertise

  • We have a large and growing Facebook clientele.  We understand the company’s culture, as well as its employees.
  • Most of the employees don’t fully comprehend the benefits like equity awards, health insurance, 401(k), etc.
  • Our team members have diverse skill sets that can help you take full advantage of these benefits and achieve your goals.

In-depth customization

We have specialized education & experience with high-income earners’ finances.  We are equipped to tackle your complexities.  Unlike other large firms, we don’t squeeze you into a standard box with millions of other people.

Network of professional contacts

We have developed and vetted a large local network of professional contacts.  We can introduce you to a number of specialized professionals including: CPAs, realtors, attorneys, and others, all at no extra cost to you.

sample podcast:

Critical Thinking Required

“Netflix 1: Why Did Netflix’s Stock Price Jump?”

sample podcast:

Critical Thinking Required

“Netflix 2: Should I sell my Netflix stock NOW?”

sample podcast:

Critical Thinking Required

“The fog that is your stock options”

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