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How do I best prepare for my goals and life changes (e.g. a new home, retirement, college costs, starting a business, instability of income, and other life transitions)?
Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Assessing (and then reassessing) your goals, being deliberate with your actions, and appropriately prioritizing will make your goals a more attainable reality. We want our clients to have a fulfilled life that lasts them for years to come. Therefore, LBW works continuously with accountability at the forefront of our efforts as we prepare you for the arrival of your goals.
My employer is presenting me with great opportunities. How do I take full advantage of their offerings?
Simply acknowledging the potential means you are off to a good start! The next step is developing a partnership with an advisor like LBW. Often, we miss out on the potential of company benefits simply because we don’t know they exist –– or how to make the most of them. Maybe we are even just overwhelmed by the subject. You are not alone in contemplating the best approaches to set you up for success. We strive to understand your lifestyle, circumstances, and preferred methods to calibrate your financial well-being and make your money work for you.
Am I best protecting my lifestyle?
Risk Management, the art of financial protection, is not designed to be a product solution. We see it as a mentality built of several solutions; ranging from proper estate planning tactics to insurance needs. Mitigating portfolio risks should be investigated to ensure you and your family are as protected as possible.
What am I missing from my finances? What improvements can I still make?
It’s hard to know what you don’t know or, as we always say, “You don’t know good cooking until you’ve had it.” You very well might be excelling in your field of expertise. Heck, maybe you’re even excelling financially! Different lenses provide different perspectives, and we want to give you our unique take. Let us apply our expert skills to see what can be buttoned up and help you rise to the next level. There is always room for improvement.
How do I best organize these goals?
Financial positioning is the art of creating the flexibility and freedom you deserve. We start by asking one big question: “What is most important to you?” If your finances aren’t helping you reach your goals and live a happy life, reorganization of your objectives and maneuvers is a must. Just like any well-oiled machine, your financial plan requires regular maintenance to accommodate your lifestyle. Our goal is to develop a set of strategies, what we often refer to as levers, that takes the stress off your shoulders and allows you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Through our partnership, you can utilize your finances to achieve your goals and drive your happiness.
My friend, boss, parent, co-worker; are doing X. Should I be doing X?
If you friends jumped off the bridge, would you? All joking aside, you are unique. We frequently discuss relative versus absolute thinking at LBW. Humans have a hard time diverging from the herd, and we always want to know how we stack up against other humans. Although this relative concept does have some value, we typically steer our partners to absolute approaches. In other words, the only person that should matter in your financial planning is you. We all live different lifestyles, have different desires, challenges, complications, habits, family dynamics, income potential, risks…you get the point. Because we don’t see the detailed inner workings of others’ situations, there’s no telling if what works for them makes sense for you. With us, you’ll find a tailored solution that is custom-suited for you.
What should I expect from the relationship with my Advisor?
With LBW, you can feel confident in relying on a team of experts that is always at (and on) your side. We build our relationships with a foundation of respect and solid partnership –– because we succeed when you succeed. It is our deepest professional desire to transform wealth management and wealth development for each client. We pride ourselves on acting as your personal CFO, Financial Therapist, and Project Manager, with communication, honesty, sought-after resources, expertise and collaboration as part of the deal. It’s time you expected different, and experienced partnership.