Planning for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

While individual financial health is a common planning focus, forecasting and pursuing your goals as an entrepreneur or small business requires its own set of programs and preparations. With extensive offerings that target financial impacts on individual and company-wide levels, our team supplements your industry expertise with our own knowledge to promote long-term success and growth for your business. Much like our team’s individual financial planning options, our programs for small businesses include multiple levels of analysis and goal setting.

Starting at the foundation with business and cash flow analyses, our team reviews your business plan, financial model, investments, and runway to determine sustainability and forecast outcomes. Additionally, we infer potential impact by analyzing existing debt as well as your capital allocation. By pairing these variables with your personalized goal analysis, we determine the direction of your company and the path to reaching your five-year, ten-year, and lifetime plans.

Also, because talent sourcing is one of the most difficult challenges for small businesses, we review and recommend the best solutions to develop an attractive employee benefits package for your prospects. This might include an ownership analysis that reviews options for dividing equity amongst your core team or partners, as well as a stock compensation plan analysis when appropriate.

In the final stages, our experts will structure your business such that it is best protected for the long run via a business insurance analysis and tax analysis. We will also conduct a vital business succession plan that works to continue your company’s legacy and prepare you for eventual retirement. It’s never too early to begin planning your business’ future.

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Planning for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners